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  1. G

    Solved! Rip blu-ray to iso file with menu?

    Decided to rip my blu-rays and DVDs and store them on a hard drive and stream them to my TV, via PS4 and Plex. However, some of the blu-rays--such as bonus dics to music concerts--contain many 'separate' menus that are navigated via the menu. I use a Mac computer. When I ripped such a blu-ray...
  2. C

    John the Ripper problem

    Hi I have a problem with John the ripper: Version :John the Ripper 1.8.0-jumbo-1 Windows XP SP3/ Windows 7 I tried to decrypt a winrar file but i allways get the the error message: "No password hashes loaded" specifications CMD rar2john.exe test.rar >hash.txt (to extract the hash) john.exe...
  3. F

    Is samsung ripping you off for these earbuds?

    So i was looking to buy some akg earbuds that come with the phones and on samsungs page they are $99.99 But then i looked around and they were $12 on walmart...
  4. F

    Ripping DVD and BluRay

    I would like to digitalise around 700 dvds and BluRay discs at home. I am looking for a program that allows me to select the subtitles and languages that I want to rip (original plus my mothertongue). I am going to watch it on an AppleTV as well as I want to make the films available for my...
  5. B

    DVD Movie to sd card

    I have downloaded WinX DVD ripper and ripped a movie. It comes up as 3 titles, I copy the titles to the SD card and it plays the first title then I have to start the second title to play but there is some of the movie missing, I start the 3rd title and it is oly trailers. What am I doing wrong...
  6. T

    264 to 265 conversion

    I have googled it this question and what came up I think seems to be questionable software. Without re-ripping my media and going back to raw, is there a way to take my h.264 compressed media and convert it to h.265 without losing quality? I am running win7 64bit. I am sure I know the answer...
  7. J

    Solved! cost being paid for directv

    I am 81 and feel directv is ripping me off. I DON'T WATCH MOVIES, SPORTS, ETC. and I am being ripped off for 110. 43. this is horrible charge for a few channels. I was told I had to pay that amount because they have to include everything. I am going to see what the other companies charge and...
  8. V

    DVD Track Ripping

    I am an 82 yr old resident of a retirement village who needs to rip individual tracks from my collection of music dvd's to compile shows for our village. Is there simple to use software available to do this? As an example I can use Picasa3, but not photoshop, therefore skill level is only...
  9. S

    Rip DVDs and blu-rays to PC for personal watching on media center

    (This may be border-lined questionable so I apologize in advance it violates the forum guidelines.) Anyway, I had AnyDVD HD that I was using to back up my Blu-rays and DVDs to my home theater PC (I would rip them using AnyDVD and then compress using Handbrake). Since AnyDVD has been shutdown...
  10. P

    Asus S550CB Laptop shuts off without any warning

    i have no idea whats wrong with my Laptop, but it shuts off randomly. When it does this its like ripping out the battery of the computer meanwhile its running. it does this once a week, and im really annoyed about it, since this is my School pc. Help would me much appreciated Specs Nordic...
  11. A

    Looking for Great Blu Ray Ripping Software

    Hey all, I like to get all my movies ripped onto my home server and use Plex to view my movies while I travel. Lately though I've been having difficulty properly ripping them. Can anyone recommend a comprehensive Blu-Ray ripper? I was using a really nice one from Aieesoft a while back but...
  12. G

    Best web video ripping software?

    I'm looking for the best web video ripping software for various sites. I know about riptiger. Any better suggestions? Thanks
  13. game junky

    ALAC Audio Ripper

    I like to purchase physical CDs so that I can rip the files at a lossless format that does not have imbedded DRM - previously, it was uber easy to do this: pop the disk in itunes, rip as ALAC, call it a day. Now, it seems that disks are not recognized in itunes because the audio files are hidden...
  14. J

    my media player 7 does not play properly

    my media player does not play recorder files properly it keeps on pausing and stops playing and then starts and then pauses all the way through this is even happening after ripping cds as well hope you can help thanks tom.
  15. Ross11

    How can I rip a DVD-ROM? What software should I use?

    I bought a book for self-teaching piano that came with a dvd-rom disc with .wma audio and .wmv video files for all the exercises in the book and it said you could rip it with a media player to play the files with an mp3 player while practicing, store the videos on a hard drive etc. I can't...
  16. E

    Good CD ripper for lossless formats?

    I'm looking for a CD ripper (without unwanted 'extras') that can rip to FLAC / AAC and download the album / track information without having to type in all this information.Thanks for your help.
  17. F

    What do you use for ripping your movies?

    Hey everyone! Im hoping for some quick insight from those of you that like to keep your movies your computer or a network drive. I really enjoy having all my movies on one hard drive that I can access from anywhere in my house. Up until now I've always used Aiseesoft BluRay Ripper and its done a...
  18. J

    Questions & Help With Handbrake / Make MKV?

    Hey guys, I recently purchased an extra hardrive and am in the process of turning it into a NAS for my family and I to enjoy. I am interested in ripping all of our blu-rays and storing them on said drive. After some research it appears the easiest way to do it is to use make mkv to put the...
  19. nyxanna

    Ripping CDs? What format and application?

    I want to rip my old music CDs and I want the format to be as lossless as possible. Can someone recommend me an application and tell me which format I need to use?
  20. U

    Ripping CD's with I-tunes

    A none tech savvy friend of mine has ripped a load of CD's to his hard drive using I-tunes, under windows 8. He's looking to copy this library to another machine rather than rip all the CD's again, He'd ideally like to use something different than i-tunes to play back. I have not used i-tunes...
  21. M

    Help me prevent Mac computers ripping/ pirating my own Cds?

    Hello Having trouble finding anti-copying software that prevents both PC and Mac computers from copying the Cds that I record for distribution. Current software protect against PC computers but are unable to provide the same protection against Macs, which incidentally have no trouble ripping...
  22. OllieUK

    Ripping and Burning Karaoke CDG free software

    Hi, We have bought my daughter a karakoe machine for Christmas. She likes singing to pop songs but we are having trouble getting CDG albums of up to date pop songs without at least one track on the album having explicit lyrics. What I would like to be able to do is to take the bought CDG...
  23. game junky

    BD ripper

    Hey guys - I purchased a BD-R a couple of months back and wondering if anyone has had success ripping bluray video to an m4v file. Want to take my collection of blurays and be able to watch them on the go on an ipad. I haven't selected an application yet because I wanted to see if others had...
  24. Skoty27

    Best DVD Ripper win7 64-bit

    Not sure if I got the right place or not, but I was wondering if anyone knows of a good program that is free that I can use to rip my dvds to my HDD. I would like to be able to rip them to a small mkv file or avi, but I haven't been able to find anything yet.
  25. Jazzmain

    Searching topics for ripping Dvds

    I'm looking for links to topics on here or an answer depending on who can help first. I have a large collection of dvds and since I know we can legally copying one per disc for damage protection ect, whatever that is called my goal is to transfer my collection to my hdd on my computer so that I...
  26. Misterkatze

    CPU slowed to a crawl when ripping CD's

    OK heres the new thread. Have bought a new PC 3.3 Ghz Windows 7 five days agon, when ripping on itunes the speed varies between 30 x and 2 x depending on the CD. I have ripped original CD's last year for use in the car, when I rip these to iTunes the speed is high, when I rip the original the...
  27. G

    Samsung Accused of Ripping-Off iPad in Australian Court

    If they can find a way to sue each other in Antarctica, you can bet they'll do it. Samsung Accused of Ripping-Off iPad in Australian Court : Read more
  28. N

    Audio ripping software for MAC supports disc autoloader

    hi all, I've a colloectiong of music albums.. and i know i could use a disc autoloader for MP3 ripping. Does anyone knows if there's any music ripping software supports CD/DVD autoloaders or any good and cheap products for this? thnx!!
  29. D

    Solved! Power Supply Rubber Cord Ripping DIY Fix?

    Hello everyone. I have a question about "repairing" my power supply cord. Basically the part of the cord which connects from the laptop to the power supply, the very tip, the rubber outer casing has ripped and I can see lots of small metallic cords which I'm sure are not supposed to touch the...
  30. Marcus Yam

    T-Mobile's AT&T-ripping Ads Look Mighty Awkward

    The new AT&T&T-Mobile probably won't run ads like these. T-Mobile's AT&T-ripping Ads Look Mighty Awkward : Read more
  31. sinbad123

    Itunes Slows whole compter to a crawl

    Hi, I built myself a new computer last year and now I have this problem with itunes were it slows down my whole computer to a crawl when ripping CDs. This has been a problem ever since i first installed itunes on my machine last febuary. other CD ripping programs proceed at normal speeds, only...
  32. jonnyboyC

    Ripping a dvd to my hard drive

    So i'm to say this before i start, these are my physical dvd's not renting and ripping or anything like that So anyways, I've seen alot of good things about handbrake, and have been messing around with it, but when i try to rip it straight form the dvd, i'm guessing it's not decoding the...
  33. A

    Magic DVD ripper slow in Win7 with i7-930

    I'm just still in testing phases of a new build (see specs below). I use Magic DVD ripper to put my DVD's on my computer. On my XP machine (Q6600 with 4MB RAM) a full length movie can take around 9 minutes. I figured I'd get that way down on this new machine so I tried it out today just for...
  34. L

    Copy Protection problem with CD ripping

    Having a problem ripping some of my cd's. Currently running Win XP. When I rip the song the mp3 skips and repeats. This is a result of Sony's copy protection software from 2005 period. I have loaded none of their malicious software onto my system and I've also stopped autorun when the cd...
  35. max787

    Handbrake help

    Hi, I downloaded handbrake because it is meant to be good, i plan on ripping some dvd's...anyway i have some .mp4 movies that i would like to convert to .avi Can Handbrake do this? and if it can how? thanks in advance to those that reply, Max
  36. buwish

    Proper DVD ripper

    Hey all, I'm having one heck of a time with DVD ripping, as it has been awhile since I have done it. To be honest, ripping and compressing a Blu-Ray is easier! Anyways, I've tried just about anything under the sun to simply rip a standard DVD in my collection without any copyright protection...
  37. S


    I have a bunch of burned cds with various songs (from 5 or 6 years ago) back then they always played fine, now as I am ripping the songs from the cd to my computer, some sort of static noise comes out of the songs. Should I get a cd cleaning tool for the cd's or is it a total loss? Thanks
  38. sanityvoid

    MP3 ripping question

    I haven't ripped a CD to my PC in a long, long time. Can anyone recommend a good software that will help me rip CD's in MP3 to my PC? I did search but answers seemed to varied. Thanks in advance. Peace.
  39. G

    Is Ripping CDs To Computer Illegal?

    Washington (DC) - The Recording Industry Association of America has filed a landmark federal lawsuit in Arizona, claiming that it is illegal for users to make copies of CD tracks to their computer for personal use. The RIAA is going after Jeffrey Howel Is Ripping CDs To Computer Illegal? : Read...
  40. MonocleCat

    Ripping/Playing HD-DVD in comp dvd drive?

    Can you rip/play hd-dvds or blu-ray dvds in a standard pc dvd burner drive? Obviously you'd need proper codecs et. al. but will it play, and at the hi-def quality? or do i need to get a hd-dvd player for proper playback?
  41. chocobocorey

    DVD ripping

    can someone please give me a quick run down on how to rip your DVDs onto your computer and compressing them into AVI or divx? ive downloaded a trial of divx and didnt figure it out. ive tried dvdshrink, which works fine, but its only useful for backing up a disc and putting it back on disc. im...
  42. tvfreak

    DVD ripper???

    Hey fellas can you guys suggest any good dvd rippers. Also what is Divx??? :twisted:
  43. M

    Ripping an .IMG ??

    Archived from groups: comp.sys.laptops,uk.comp.sys.laptops (More info?) Hi Is there any way to rip into an image file on a CD? I need to get some specific drivers from a reinstall disk but when you boot with it, it wants to completely reformat your hard drive first!! Thanks
  44. M

    Ripping digital audio off laserdiscs

    Archived from groups: (More info?) Is it possible to rip a digital copy of the audio off a laseridsc onto your PC? If so, what hardware/software do you need?
  45. G

    Best Buy ripping off customers

    Archived from groups: (More info?) Best Buy sued for 'ripping off' consumers By John Leyden Published Friday 20th August 2004 15:52 GMT Giant US electronics retailer Best Buy has been sued by the State of Ohio over alleged unfair and deceptive business practices. Ohio's legal...
  46. G

    MP3 ripper

    Archived from groups: (More info?) Is there an application that will simply rip the soundtrack into an MP3? I know I can do it via the sound card but that is another DA/AD conversion.
  47. G

    MP3 ripper

    Archived from groups: (More info?) Is there an application that will simply rip the soundtrack into an MP3? I know I can do it via the sound card but that is another DA/AD conversion.
  48. G

    DVD ripping

    If you rip one of your DVD's to your hard drive, what format does it save it as? MPEG? And what software does this? Anxiously awaiting it here yet?
  49. R

    Good DVD Player & Ripper

    Got a new laptop and I'd like to use it to watch some of my DVD's on. Anybody have suggestions for good DVD playing software? Also, I'd like to experiment with ripping the DVD's onto the hard drive. I heard the programs for doing that are getting pretty good these days. Any suggestions...
  50. C

    Sony the ripper

    Sony's CMT-LTHD micro audio system. You can stuff 300 CDs' worth of music into its integrated hard drive, a first for micro systems. Just pop in a CD and rip songs directly to the hard drive for storage. Available in July for approximately $1,000. Just pop in a CD and rip songs directly to the...
  51. S

    Encoding DTS/AC3 with MPEG4

    Is there a way to keep the original AC3 or DTS soundtracks when ripping a DVD to MPEG4? <A HREF="" target="_new">System spec.</A> Ideas appreciated.
  52. G

    What is the best ripping software?

    What software is the best for ripping cd-mp3. All opinions welcome.