What do you use for ripping your movies?


Mar 22, 2009
Hey everyone! Im hoping for some quick insight from those of you that like to keep your movies your computer or a network drive. I really enjoy having all my movies on one hard drive that I can access from anywhere in my house. Up until now I've always used Aiseesoft BluRay Ripper and its done a fantastic job for me. But lately its almost as if Aiseesoft has abandoned this software as I cannot get updates to allow me to rip my new movies(BluRays in particular).

I hate to say goodbye to this software as it has served me very well for a few years now but its just not doing the job I need it to anymore. Im hoping for some recommendations from those of you that also use a digital library on what software you use for ripping. I prefer BluRays because I enjoy the quality and I've got the space on my home server. Any help would be really appreciated!


Nov 27, 2010
I use SlySoft's AnyDVD, the HD edition that will rip blu-rays. Never had a problem with it, but it does cost money. In my opinion it's worth every penny. It gets updated every month or more with new versions, to keep up with evolving blu-ray encryption.

After ripping the movie, I then use the free TxMuxer to "demux" the file, to get rid of the different video and language audio tracks and other junk, which takes it from an ".mts" file to a ".ts" file. Then I use the free HandBrake application, which takes a 25 GB Blu-ray ".ts" movie file down to typically a 5 GB ".mp4" file. And with no loss of quality! Then I watch them with VLC Media Player, which can play just about anything.
Dec 26, 2013
What type of tv do you display your Blu-Rays on? If you have smart tv you can use Plex to stream it your computer with Chromecast USB stick ($30)if you have a USB port on your tv logged in with the server software and your gmail account. There should be a compatible Plex app for your smart tv you can control with your remote control. Or...if you have ipad or iphone you can use Airplay free. That's what I use. You select the drive using your internet connection and ipad/iphone cord. You might not even need a cord if you have an ipad 2 or later. Just make sure you have a strong wireless connection and not too many applications running on your pc or mac when you decide to watch a movie on your tv. Good luck...hope this helps!