Question PS4 Pro - 3.5mm audio solution?

Dec 21, 2019
My TV’s speakers really stink and I’d like to output my PS4 Pro’s audio to a stereo system that only accepts 3.5mm input.

The TV has:
  • analog audio out (red and white cables) and
  • optical audio out, but no HDMI out.
The PS4 has
  • one HDMI out and
  • one “digital (optical) out” [that’s exactly how it’s phrased on the back, here’s a pic from the official Sony website.]
Which solution would result in the least noticeable drop in audio quality? I figured optical out to 3.5mm in would be doable, but does there exist some kind of HDMI audio/video splitter so I can just keep my one HDMI cable and have separate routes for audio/video input?
If the PS4 is your only source then using an optical to analog converter will work fine. You will have to set the PS4 to output PCM stereo for most DACs. HDMI will still be used to get video to the TV.
If you have other sources connected to the TV then use the same converter on the optical output of the TV. Then all your sources will sound better through the stereo.
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