.r5a extension ransomware


Apr 28, 2016

So today i have managed to get my pc infected with the latest ransonware out there.

The problems I see are as follows:
- the files with the doc and jpeg extension have been renamed a01..a0x with a .r5a extention. From what I can see on the net this is new and there is no way to decrypt these files ( paying the ransom is out of the question)
- my antivirus did not caught the issue - even after a reboot in safe mode and running 2 different anti -virus software the results kept saying my pc is clean;
- the spyhunter software that was recommended also cant seem to find any malware ( also run malwarebytes and a few registry cleaners and all return the same result - no infection found except the usual ones)

While I would like to get my files back loosing them is not an issue. The question I have is: if i delete all the files with a .r5a extension and reinstall windows will that get rid of this ransomware?

Any ideas of how I can clean my pc of this?

Just a quick note - this was not spread via a file or an app that was launched. I was having lunch when the attack happened and when I noticed the ransomware message I rebooted the pc in safe mode and the conversion of the files stop immediately ( a bit too late since 80% of my files were already encrypted)

Thank you for your help