Red blinking light

My sony xperia z1 compact is showing red blinking light every time I try to switch it on. It will vibrate 3 times if I press the power button and the volume up button. This happened after I tried to repair my phone with Xperia companion. It had 100% charge so I assumed it would be able to finish it. The process finished and I took it off the usb and this happens. Does anyone know what I can do? My phone is not in warranty so I can't give it back for repairs. Also does anyone know why my phone switched off when I do anything that involves wifi?
It is often due to an app running in the background, even if you aren't using it. To check to see if that is happening, try starting the phone in "Safe Mode", and leave it in "Safe Mode" for a while. You should have less battery drain if it is due to an app, as it shouldn't auto run then. If this is the case, then you need to restart the phone and figure out what app is the cause. Once you have figured out which one, I would suggest totally uninstalling it if you can. If not, then try setting it to "Disabled" so it isn't running at least.

If it is an app you use, you may want to try turning it off when you aren't actively using it.
I don't think it is a particular app that is causing it as I used youtube and it happened, as this is a preloaded app I don't know if there is some issue with it. So I tried feedly, which is similar to flipboard and the same happened. It seems to me that the moment I use an app that uses wifi, the phone will switch off after. Is this a heating issue or is it with my phone only as I know some people who have the same model have been saying the same thing.