Replacing both drives in Asus 751 with 1TB Samsung 850 Pro SSD


May 4, 2015
I recently purchased a Asus ROG 751JY DH72X and I've been thinking of replacing the 500GB m.2 SSD with 1TB samsung (SATA) 850 Pro SSD and the 1TB HD with another 1TB SATA 850 Pro SSD. Will this work okay? Will I need to remove the metal plate under the installed m.2 ssd to get the SATA 1TB SSD to fit? Basically winding up with a 751 with 2TB of SATA SSD. Will this laptop work ok with two 1TB samsung SATA 850 Pro SSD installed? Could I utilize the 1TB HD metal drive holder for the 1TB SSD? And if this works to keep the SATA SSD fixed inside the computer, can I buy another metal HD caddie from Asus or anyone else?

I've only been able to find samsung evo 500GB m.2 1TB model available yet I believe so upgrading to SATA SSD maybe better choice at the moment? Any help and or advice is truly appreciated regarding installation of two 1TB samsung SATA SSD 850 Pro. Thank you.



P.S. Proofy...thank you for the upgrade guide link with photos. Truly appreciated.


May 9, 2015
Hello Poofy,

Would you use the existing HD metal caddy to fix the ssd into the drive bay or would you just attach the ssd and let it be? If using the existing metal HD caddy is best, I'll need another HD metal caddy to fix the second ssd...where can I buy a second HD caddy if I need to? Thank you