Require help in buying a new laptop

Rahul Mukherji

Dec 1, 2015
I am considering buying a new laptop. It will mainly be used for web development and programming (I will be running a game engine (Unity) and a virtual emulator (Virtualbox) and some IDEs(Android Studio and Eclipse)). It should preferably have a long battery life (5 hours or so) and should be fairly light and portable. It should definitely be under 2kg, and if possible under 1.5kg. RAM should be 4GB minimum, and storage should be around 500GB. If it could have Ubuntu Linux preinstalled that would be excellent (Windows is fine though). Is any such laptop available in India?

I did consider the Asus Zenbook UX305FA, however I would prefer something with Ubuntu preinstalled, and perhaps available for a lower price.

Thank you.