Solved! Reusing passive speakers from tv

Jun 16, 2019
I have two speakers that I extracted from a Sony CRT tv. They say:
12 Ohms 15 Watts

They each have two wires. On one, a white and a gray, labeled positive and negative on the speaker itself. On the other, a red and a gray, also labeled positive and negative respectively.
I touched the wires to the male end of a headphone cable, then one side of an RCA cable (both plugged into audio out from a pc/tv that was playing audio) without any sound resulting…
I believe these would need an extra power source. What type/specifications? Is the best approach connecting them to an RCA cable for the red and white wires?

Sonic Illusions

Feb 16, 2019
Since CRTs went the way of the dinosaurs, it's hard to say if there's even a line out, without referencing your TV's model number. Any speaker must be connected to an amplifier (with source signal) for it to work, whether it's the TV's internal amp or an external amp. Why do you want to re-use 12 ohm TV speakers? As recommended above, the line output from your source, connected to an external amp (aux input on receiver for ex) will give you stereo (left-white, right-red). BTW-COOL amp board! Any amp will drive them, because the amp is loaded at 12 ohms (an easy load). You won't need a 16 ohm amp. AMP/ impedance rules mainly apply when loading an amp at a lower impedance/ resistance because of the higher current draw from the amp at low impedances like 4 ohms. Then, some amps have an impedance switch that must be in the proper position for the total impedance of the connected speakers. No worries with 12 ohms.
As stated above a line level output would need to connect to an amp. The amp would drive the speakers.
If you have a headphone jack it would play the speakers but at a low volume. The speakers should also be in some kind of cabinets too.
Overall it may not be worth the trouble. Cheap powered speakers would likely sound as good or better and be simpler.