Roku (hdmi) + HD Antenna (coax) to a single input optical cable-only sound bar


Oct 1, 2017
Okay, my fellow technology geeks... Our TV only has HDMI and doesn't have an Optical Cable to output to an optical-only soundbar. So we purchased an audio extractor that takes the HDMI in and outputs the sound to optical (going to soundbar) and HDMI video into the TV. This setup works perfectly for the Roku (hdmi only) but not the HD antenna which is coax.

Do you have any ideas how to get the coax HD Antenna to output sound to the optical-only soundbar? We can't watch local channels (ie FOOTBALL) through the soundbar.

Thanks, in advance!

Roku (HDMI out) - - > Extractor - - > HDMI in to TV + Optical to Soundbar

HD antenna (coax out) - - > TV (coax in) so the sound does not go through the soundbar.
An antenna needs a tuner. Since the one in your TV doesn't have a way to get audio out you need an external ATSC HD tuner (with HDMI out) to get audio to the soundbar. You can get one with PVR functions too.