Root device cant turn on ?


Jan 20, 2015
Device M-way md-201G turned off , and cant power it , How i can Root and flash device Room .
I dont know if usb debugging is on or not , and i try all Power Button + volume and Home + volume nothing change . Any suggest can HELP ?


Jan 20, 2015
I try all key functionality , nothing to show , trying other suggestion above , the same .
Can be hardware problems ? Monitor maybe ? But if monitor not work , why don't hearing any sound from device ?
Is it way to recovery device that not answer any button functionality .


Jan 17, 2015
if the device cant turn on... mb its a power (battery or something else) problem. Don't root the phone if the problem is only in power on/off. Ask service for helping you to find the problem. The power button can be cracked, the battery is bad.
1) Connect this phone to computer via USB cable (if the adapter is out.. the phone will charge from computer)
if this solution have no result get it to service :bounce:

p.s. Is the phone already rooted? i cant understand your title... Try to Wipe him and install another ROm


Jan 20, 2015
Power button and battery is ok . I connect the phone via charger and usb cable to computer , its ok .
I cant root the phone because it not turn on .
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