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I'm in the market for a new laptop and I've looked at MSI (GS63VR Stealth) and Gigabyte (Aero 15) and the Gigabyte is the maximum I'm willing to spend, and MSI is the minimum I'm looking to spend (about $1500).

But I want a GTX 1060 6GB - and the only laptop that I've looked at with that graphics configuration that is on the lower end of the price range I'm looking at is the Sager NP7850. Has anyone had any experience with Sager laptops? How do they compare with the other two I'm looking at. I want a laptop that has the hardware I want which is this:

- 15.6" display (set on that, but flexible for 17.3")
- Intel Core i7-7700HQ
- 16GB of RAM
- 250GB SSD
- 1 or 2 TB HD
- GTX 1060 6GB
- Purchasing a 2nd AC adapter is a must
- I would prefer not to have an optical drive
- Small form factor is preferable

This is the link to the Sager:
- MSI:
- Gigabyte:


I'll throw my $0.02 in.

A buddy of mine had a Sager laptop, but it was a few years ago (Haswell), either an i5 or i7 and I forget the GPU..... I messed around with it a little.
Obviously, things will have changed some in that time, so I guess take my comments with a pinch of salt.

Spec vs Price was pretty d*mn good from what I remember, compered to more 'mainstream' brands.

It didn't feel quite as 'premium' as an MSI offering I saw/played about with in a store around the same time.
Felt a little 'clunky', a little boxy and was a fingerprint magnet.

Impression then was it was quite noisy at load, but I didn't have too much experience with gaming laptops at the time - hindsight 20/20, I don't think it was too bad considering what it was cooling. I've heard cheap 'budget' laptops be much louder.

Keyboard felt like an actual keyboard in the short period of time I messed around with it - admittedly, my laptop experience then was more 'mainstream' Acers and the like, so I'd be disappointed if the keyboard didn't fell better!

Battery life was horrible - but that was true of a most gaming laptops. Not sure if that's changed much with any manufacturer.

All that being said, there was no throttling evident (maybe the boxy feel allowed for better airflow or fans etc), and I believe most (all?) Sager's are upgradeable from both a CPU and GPU standpoint - although that might've changed.

If it were me, I'd have no hesitations opting for the Sager*. It's definitely not as premium looking, or as thin as the Aero or MSI, but at 60-70% of the price as the others for comparable hardware (albeit appears to be lacking an 2017), I think it's a worthy tradeoff.

*Obviously assuming my comments above still hold true ~3-4 years later, and they are still truly upgradeable.



I'm looking for battery life, and I'm not exactly expecting 10 hours out of a 15" screen (and that's kind of what I've been finding with the reviews I've been reading), but any improvement is better than what I have right now - the Lenovo I have gets about 1 hour on a full charge. But I've also been told to get a 1060 6GB, and the only two laptops I've seen that meet those requirements are the Gigabyte Aero and the MSI GS63VR. But the MSI does not have the graphics that the other two do. I guess that's not such a huge deal since I don't really play games on my laptop (that is what my desktop is for).



Oh the MSI does have a 1060 6GB. But it doesn't have the 7700HQ, will that make that much of a difference?


Ah, I missed that 6700HQ in the MSI vs 7700HQ in the others. I can't imagine there's many situations you'd even notice the difference between the two.

My vote would be for the Sager out of the 3 though.
Seems to be exactly what you want, and for a lot less more (other than being a little less "small form factor" than the others and needing to add the SSD)

Out of curiosity, where did the requirement for a 1060 come from? I know you have a desktop, so I'm assuming just the odd gaming session and maybe some content creation?

Would a 1050TI work instead?
The ASUS GL553V3-DS74 seems to tick a lot of your boxes, other than the 1060...

Just an option if nothing else.



I probably don't need a 1060 but I'm looking at something fairly moderate that will be able to handle future needs. I was looking at the Stealth and the Gigabyte because I love the small form factor, but I'm finding that doesn't always translate to better battery life. The one thing I didn't like about some of the Asus models I looked at was the bright red WASD keys, which I feel would be a distraction.


Jun 21, 2017
Do you have any updates on what you chose? If you went with the Sager, how is that working out for you? I'm currently considering that model as well.



I wound up buying the MSI. The big difference for me was the weight factor. Both laptops had the same GPU I wanted (6GB 1060) but the MSI being 3.5 pounds lighter than the Sager was the deal breaker. The other deal breaker for me was the screen - the MSI has a 120Hz screen whereas the Sager and Gigabyte laptops I had been looking at were 60Hz screens. It really makes a lot of difference. I'm really liking this laptop so far.
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