Samsung 7edge - No uninstall option on app

Nov 29, 2018
Thanks to my child I have an app on my phone called "Color Flash Launcher".
I've tried to uninstall it but it doesn't give me an uninstall option, only "Force Stop" and this does nothing.
It's changed the layout of my phone and I really need to get rid of this.
Any suggestions would be very welcome.

** All sorted and help no longer required, Thank you! **

Saga Lout

Olde English
Sell the child and buy a better phone with hte proceeds.

Seriously though, go to the Play Store (silly name) and download Terminal Emulator. You're now going to the black screen white writing area you would have called DOS in a PC.

Call it up and at the prompt type
and hit teh Enter key. That LiSts the folders and one of them is System. Type
cd system
and hot Enter and you Changed Directory into the files and sub-folders of the System folder. One of then is app so CD app gets you inside the folder.

Find the victim and type
rm ***.apk where ** is the name of the App.

Close the form and restart the device.

If it fails, it may be because I've been rooted and SU for so long I can't remember whether it requires that to do the job.
Nov 29, 2018
If there is no uninstall option than it may be a system app so you have to download other launcher from play store and activate that
Nov 29, 2018

Now there's a thought! :lol:

Unfortunately said child too old and argumentative to burden someone else with and phone was a gift ... beggars can't be choosers an all that!

Apparently all I needed to do was to change my home screen settings back to the original in order for the uninstall option to appear on the app. Hurrah for random shop customers!
Thanks for advice tho! :)
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