Samsung TV/Pioneer Receiver - WON'T PLAY NICE!


Jun 8, 2017
I have a Samsung K6290 (6300 is the same I guess) tv connected to a Pioneer VSX-523K Receiver. I also have a number of devices (directv box, game systems, etc...) that are connected. Everything is connected via HDMI cables. HOWEVER, when I set everything up a few months ago, the receiver/tv combo would switch to the appropriate input as each device was powered on, negating the need for complicated multi-channel switching. You turned the xbox on? It would switch automatically. Same with everything else.

A few weeks ago this feature stopped working. Now I have to manually switch the input on the tv and receiver for each device as needed. I have not changed any settings. It has something to do with the CEC/ARC settings I believe. I currently have a Nintendo Switch, Xbox360, Playstation3, DirecTV box running in through the various receiver HDMI inputs (via the HDMI 3(arc) port on the tv). I have a WiiU that is connected to the HDMI2 port on the tv. Also, the TV is not recognizing my receiver in the menu for choosing "Sound Output". That makes my WiiU not run sound through the receiver, UNLESS I run an optical cable from the TV to the receiver and turn off ARC in the receiver menu. It was working without a hitch until recently! I need help!
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