Samsung UN32EH5300F connects to network, not Internet. WIRED.


Jun 29, 2015
I wrote this out very detailed the first time. It appears that in the process of registering, the system ate my message. I'm going to attempt to put everything back in here the second time, but if I'm missing needed information, let me know and I'll try to add it back in.


TV (UN32EH5300F) connected fine for a a little over a year wired. I have seen others with wireless troubles, but I have wired through a powerline adapter. There is a lot of Wi-FI noise in my building so I do not use it except for phones. Other devices are connected either directly to router or via powerline adapters. TV connected properly as recently as Thursday night. TV indicates that it can see the Network but does not have Internet access.

I read a bunch of other threads here, on Comcast, on AT&T, Verizon, other sites with no luck


Firmware Version 001034

Everything set to Auto currently
TV appears in Router (Netgear N900) and is allowed
Parental Controls not installed on Router
I have Comcast
All other devices are functioning normally


Things I have tried:

Restarted everything by removing power

Manually set DNS to (, (, (, (, ( The first four were suggested in other threads. The last I spotted as a DNS the router was hitting and figured it was worth a shot.

Updated firmware on router twice. It is now completely up to date.

Unsuccessfully update firmware on TV. TV lists as 001034 but their website seems to indicate the latest is 2004 ( I loaded it up onto a jump as indicated in their instructions. TV says no update files found. I moved files to root and to a folder called image. No luck with either.


Is there anything left to try other that start resetting everything back to defaults? From what threads I've seen, Comcast blames Samsung, Samsung blames Comcast, neither is any help at all.


Jun 29, 2015
This also happened to me this evening.
Both my Samsung smart devices (plasma tv and blueray player) experience the same problem you have. My internet works fine for everything else.
Seems like a samsung server issue (from further googling). (I guess it tries to connect to the samsung server to test the internet)


Jun 29, 2015
Mine is failing tonight also. I think there is an issue with Samsung's Smart Hub server again, just like there were in February and April.
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