Question Samsung UN43NU6900F - Loud pop, won't turn on

Nov 11, 2021
Title says it all - loud pop (no smoke) and TV immediately shut down and won't power on. Lights stay off etc. I'm assuming it's a blown fuse or capacitor but I don't own a multimeter and everything on the board looks visually okay. If anyone could help me narrow down replacements and how to go about I would appreciate it - I can upload more detailed photos or the back of the board if need be. thanks!!



Sep 6, 2020
Is that the ONLY board on the TV then?
  1. Fuses don't make any noise when they open, let alone a loud noise.
  2. Caps and semiconductors can make a loud pop without smoke however.
  3. Are you sure that loud pop wasn't from the speakers?
  4. That noise could have come from the processor which is hidden by the heat sink on top of it,
but if that was the case, the board is trash.
Bottom line....
5) Without a meter, or the knowledge to use it, either replace the board, (only if it's a single board TV) or call it a day.
Guesswork (shotgunning parts) never works, it just wastes money and time.
Nov 11, 2021
I found a replacement board by matching the sticker number from the board online, so replacing it may be possible, but like you said it only works if there's ony one board. It's the only board accessible on the back of the TV - no other screws or enclosures. There may be another one buried in the metal case but I'm not positive. Is there a way to make sure it's a single board TV?