Semi-Dead screen/GPU but alive CPU?


Sep 15, 2017
Semi-Dead screen/GPU but alive CPU?

Hi guys. I have a Sony Vaio E Series (SVE151A11W). It came with Windows 7 and I updated to Windows 10. It was running fine after the update. Suddenly, it has stopped booting with a Video_TDR_Failure. It's something much more than a stupid driver error and I desperately need your help.

So, it was working fine. One day, I dropped a paperweight on it (clumsy me) around the keyboard area but there wasn't even a physical mark of damage.

Now when I try to boot it up, I get this Video_TDR_Failure .... atimpag.sys [Pic 1:]

I tried Vaio 'Assist' button and that takes me to the same screen. I tried booting off a USB drive with Windows 10 installation created with Windows 10 Media Creator and I reach the same screen.

I tried to boot off with Knoppix Bootable and ended up with a reboot loop with Matrix style green bands

[Pic 2:].

I tried connecting an external monitor to the VGA output of the Vaio, still the same screen.

Since even attaching an external monitor gives me the same thing, I feel there's something gone wrong with the GPU . And yet, since I'm reaching till the level of Pic 1 and Pic 2 means that the GPU and the hard disk are not entirely dead.

I don't know what to do. Is there any way I can reach to my hard disk and recover my data (without prying open the laptop). Yes I do backups but it was only a couple of days back reserach paper I wrote.

PS: I'm a researcher in sociology (fallen upon hard times, don't want to whine); I'd highly appreciate if someone can help me just ot the system to the point that I can recover my one week back data; those thoughts that I write are not going to come back to me. Please. I can understand a fair bit of computers.
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