Sennheiser, Audeze Sine, Oppo, B&W, Vmoda, Sony


Apr 30, 2016
Hello everyone,

I am planing to buy a new quality headphones. Budget is 500 dolars. I will be using it in public transport on my galaxy note smartphone mainly, and on my laptop that has integrated soundcard. So i was reviewing a lots of headphones and reading all day long day after day. Finally i made the decesion to buy AUDIO tehnica ath m40x. They are nice looking but the sound is not much better than on my koss porta pro that are 40 dollars. I guess they need an amplifier or dac. On the first listening on my galaxy note and lap top they sounded like a headphones that are 20 $:/. So i wasnt satisfied and I replaced them with ath m50x. They are a bit louder and the sound is richer and the bass is more powerfull i like tham much more than ath 40x but still thay dont have that sound richness that i was expecting in that price category. I guess they also need AMP because the bass and the midtones still sound better and louder on koss but purity wise they do sound crisper and cleaner on ath m50x. Finally I gave those to my brother (he liked them more) and he is deligfull and enjoying them on his lap top all the time. So i dont want to make another "bad" choice. Maybe i didnt wait that burn in time of couple of hours or days, i just listend to them 5,6 hours couple of days in the row. But for me it was enaugh :) Anyway...

I will be lisening to lots of music genres. First of all i love LATIN JAZZ music, i like funky music, blues, i like, really like deep bass presents but i dont wont to ruin good vocals to. I love old music, love classic music, rock and pop. As I am 30 years old i do listen a modern music to, but not to much techno, metal.. dont like those. But rnb, dance, house is nice.

About Headphones: I dont wont to use headpones that need amp or DAC. They could be comfortable but it is not most important thing. A little bit of noice isolating would be great because of the public transport but overall i am most interesting in the GOOD SOUND withoout AMP or DAC. Also I would like ON or OVER ear headphones.

My choices:

1. Sennhesier momentum over ear - 160 dollar
2. Sennhesier momentum 2.0 over ear - 300 dollar
3. Vmoda m100 -250 dollars
4. Audeze Sine - 450 dollars (500 dollars with lightning cable but dont have macbook or iphone)
5. Oppo pm3 -350-400 dollars
5. Sony MDR 1a -300 dollars
6. P7 B&W - 350 dollars

Sorry about my bad english :/

Any suggestions, solutions, comparison or advice is appriciated...

Thank you.


Jun 20, 2009
Grado's are great, but the lack of isolation and sound leak are not good for public transportation. From your list my personal favorite would have to be the oppo pm3, but that really shines when you have a better Amp/DAC. The rest are about on equal footing in terms of sound quality. The difference is that they each have a different sound signature. Take a look at some reviews here and see if any sound like the kindof sound you are looking for