Sennheiser G4ME ONE + Asus X99-A - Do I Need Sound Card?


Sep 19, 2015

Now audio isn't exactly my area of expertise. I will be getting Sennheiser G4ME ONE Headphones (For gaming) & came across one question. Do I need a sound card for optimal sound quality or will my motherboard sound be fine? My motherboard's built in audio is Crystal Sound 2. Also, if I need a sound card, which one will work the best for me? My budget for a sound card is ~$100. Thanks for all the help, I appreciate it!
the game one (hd98 headphone) is not all that hard to power. onboard should do fine.

as for quality, onboard is generally fine unless you have need of higher quality.

basically, try your onboard. if you notice issues like crackling, static, buzzing, droning, distortion, poor bass or volume output then consider a soundcard.

onboard audio like on that board would be similar to the quality offered by a xonar dg. its not high end, but generally good enough for most people.

want to upgrade? i'd look at the creative z. the dx is nice as well but doesnt have a good a amplifier which makes it better paired with people looking to use an amp as well while the z does have a decent amp which makes it good for people looking for only a soundcard. if you do not care about virtual surround an external dac+amp unit like a fiio e10k is also a good choice.