Setting up a single Pc for use as a Media Centre with extra needs.


Jan 28, 2014
Hey everyone, I'm looking at building a mini itx home media center which can be used to view and record films,photos, music and moderate gaming at high medium to high graphics, furthermore it would be extremely helpful if its' processing power could be used by multiple user in different rooms at the same time. Like this
( ). I'm able to build PC's but this is my first "from scratch" project This is the current idea for the build
( ). I would like it to have a wifi card, sound card and possible capture card. If it can be finished for under $1000 Aus that would be ideal, and the cheaper the better. Mini / Micro Itx is preferable but not essential. It will be connected directly into a standard 1080p TV and will use a wireless keyboard with a track pad as a way of navigation. The hard drives will be used in RAID 1 to preserve data in the result of a hard drive malfunctioning. The SSD would be used for OS but is not necessary. Originally the computer would use the TV's on board speakers, but I am looking at upgrading to a 5.1 surround sound system. Cheaper Mobo's, CPU's's etc, would be great but I am looking to keep similar performance for all the fields above.
Thanks in advance,


Where are they getting those prices eg Seagate 2TB HDD $99!

1st link doesn't show anything particular.

Seeing you've got a R7 260x, no need to get an A10 cpu - your just paying also for the integrated graphics.

There's no price on the motherboard?

Maybe consider i3 4150 with ASRock H97M motherboard instead of FM2+ cpu/mobo

Micro and mini ATX only will fit that case.

You could also consider a build -


Jan 28, 2014
I made it an hour ago and it was working fine :p, The mobo Is worth around 100~, I have my own gaming PC so I don't need a more powerful GPU and storage is more important anyway, also having a bluray reader / writer is essential, finally size is a very important factor so the smaller the build, the happier I'll be.


OK - they don't seem to use pccg. Either use them for the 2 tb drives or get a 4tb

So if the Bit Fenix case is staying, so does the mini/micro ATX mobos.

I'd go the i3 rather than fm2+.

Just use the r7 260x then.
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