Shotgun Mic Audio Problems With Mobile Devices


Oct 8, 2015
This is a bit of a weird question but I can't seem to find many solutions and the only solutions I can find are for people who own adobe premier. I bought an XM 88 shotgun microphone a couple weeks ago. I plug it in my Canon 70d via 3.5 mm trs to female xlr cable. The sound is fine but I believe it might be potentially recording in mono. I think this because when I tried to upload my video to youtube my subscribers who were using mobile devices couldn't hear the audio only small static. I looked up the problem online and one other person who had my mic fixed it with adobe premier with a fill right/left option for the audio. I'm assuming that changed the audio from mono to stereo. I don't have adobe premier I just have cyberlink powerdirector for video editing software. Is there any way I could fix this in a free program like audacity? I'm not even really sure if the reason my mobile users can't hear the video is because it is in mono. I've listened to the video and the sound definitely doesn't sound like any other of my videos when I'm recording with my usb microphones. Any insight? I'm at a loss :/. This is the video I'm referencing. http://
I think that it's a mono microphone. Shotgun mics are all mono since they are super directional so two channels would be useless.
Is the 3.5mm connector at the camera stereo? Is it wired to connect the mono output to both channels of the camera?