Should I buy cheap 2.1 speakers or same price 2.0 speakers?


Nov 13, 2012
I'm looking at these 2.1:
Sorry for providing this link, I couln't find them on newegg, but the price is roughly $20
or these 2.0 for roughly $22.
Which do you think would be better?
not familiar with those particular models but what AA said typically holds true.

if you dont need base and want a little better sound quality go with the 2.0 but if you need base then go with the 2.1.

honestly between the two its about even i would say.

looks like you have the z313 logitech available to you as well which honestly isnt a bad basic set at all. looks like its about $37 compared to the other sets $22. cant say for sure its worth $15 more but can say that i've actually heard the set and its not all that bad for the price.