Dec 28, 2014
About a month ago I got my self a zowie fk2. The mouse has great tracking and all of that but i just cant seem to find the best grip for it. I know that it's marketed as a claw grip mouse but when i do end up using the claw grip my hand just keeps on getting in weird positions and it does feel uncomfortable. When I use the palm grip it feels very comfortable but i have much less control over my mouse movement, which is very important in FPS games like CS GO.

So my question here is should i just give it more time to get adjusted to the claw grip or should i buy a palm grip mouse and hope for the best (the palm grip mouse that i have in mind is a Logitech G400s)
Use whatever grip is comfortable. Doesn't matter what they market it as, as long as however you are using it gets the job done. Trust me, no amount of "performance improvement" will compare to a comfortable device you are confident using. It certainly isn't worth the carpal tunnel or otherwise injuring yourself from prolonged use.