Slow boot from SSD


Aug 18, 2012
Hello all. I don't remember when exactly this started happening, but whenever I reboot or cold boot my laptop (specs at bottom), it takes 3-4 minutes just to get to the Windows login screen (booting from SSD). It just shows the manufacturer logo with the spinning white dots. When I first got the laptop, it certainly wasn't like this, so something must have changed, but I can't figure it out.

Boot order is correct in BIOS, the SSD is the first thing after Windows Boot Manager (or whatever it was called). Chkdsk shows no errors and HD Tune Pro speed benchmarks show that the drive is performing as expected while already in Windows. It's just booting very slowly for some reason.

On the other hand, Event Viewer shows an abundance of Criticals and Errors regarding Boot Performance Monitoring. What further steps should I take to remedy the situation? And is there a way to turn on detailed POST so I can see where the hang-up is?

Thank you in advance!

Windows 10 Pro
Acer Aspire VX15
Intel i5-7300HQ
16gb RAM
GTX 1050 Ti