Small notebook for light gaming/lan parties and travel


Jun 19, 2008
Hello there forum :D

Would someone like to help me find the perfect notebook? :)

I am currently looking for a light notebook with a good/ok dedicated graphics card. Screen size should be 14 inches or less. I live in Northern Ireland so it should be possible to get delivered/buy here. Resolution does not matter much since i would like to run at the native resolution of the notebook with as high settings as possible in games.

I have been looking at THIS with a Radeon 6630m 4gb RAM and a core I3.

The maximum prize i would like to pay is 600£

Hard drive space does not matter much
Minimum 4gigs of RAM
Should have a mid-class GPU that can run most new games (does not matter if i have to put it on low settings)

Cant really think of more right now but will update if needed :)


6630 is right around the ballpark of 540M, which is the most you're going to get in that price range. You might want to check other places for better deals for the money looking for that Ati HD 6630m or nVidia GT 540m. I don't live in uk so I have poor grasp if it's a good deal for the money or not. Basically, shop around, but what you have picked out so far is about the best hardware you will get for the money in that price range and laptop size.