some camera files unreadable in camera and pc


Apr 13, 2016
I'm using a Canon 1200d DSLR camera, along with SD/microSD cards.

something strange is happening. When I take a few pics/videos, all is fine as expected. However somewhere along the way, after a point, the remaining pics/videos I take become "unreadable". I know the files are intact, as the mb file size indicates good sizes for each file (pic/video). However in camera review mode or after transferring to pc, those remaining pics/videos are unreadable - i.e. they won't display.

so I end up with the first half of pics/videos readable. And the second half unreadable.

Would really appreciate some clues about what is happening here. I don't even mind if they are unreadable to start with, if there is a way to convert them to become readable so that I can still eventually get pics/videos.

i'm sure the unreadable files are still ok, because the file size indicates correctly for each file. Or at least they aren't empty files.

please help me in the right direction on this issue. Thanks.