Some keyboard keys are malfunctioning


Feb 13, 2012
Something has changed the behavior of some of the keys on my keyboard. When I press the ALT key it closes what ever program is open to close. This should only happen with ALT + F4. If I try to type something in this text box while Microsoft Flight Simulator FSX is running it brings up a Java Script box and types there. In FSX my throttles stay at max. The F1 key which is supposed to bring the throttles to idle doesn't work unless I hold it down. When I release it the throttles return to max. I can't idle the throttle using the mouse on the throttle control either, it jumps back and forth. I tried a different keyboard but got the same results so its software related.
Try this and see if it resolves it.

1. Uninstall the keyboard driver.
2. Reboot the computer. (Yes, before you install the driver again.)
3. When the computer restarts it should reinstall the driver all on its own.