someone has given me an aiwa music centre and although it lights up I cannot seem to get any sound from the two speakers, have

Apr 20, 2018
help with wiring two speakers into an Aiwa music seems to light up but I can't get any sound out of it...have I wired it right ??
Aiwa made (and probably still do) hundreds of "Music centre". What is the exact model of the one you have? What is connected, and how? How you test it?

Start with something simpler, like AM/FM radio, before jumping to tape/CD, AUX etc.
Apr 20, 2018

it's is Model XR-M120K...I have connected it to the mains and connected the two speakers into the centre at the back of the machine. The radio light up but I cannot get any sound out of it..I believe it needs a remote control to make it there is no start or stop buttons..
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