Sony vegas 12.0 build 670 rendering problem

Cryptic Power

Jul 27, 2013
i was using a 300 build recently, i was getting problems so i updated to build 670, i use vegas for youtube videos so file size is important, anyway i had started a video in the old build and then upgraded to 670 and loaded my saved progress in then rendered using all my normal settings i have always used. once it was finished i went to upload to youtube as normal and noticed the time it was going to take over 17 hours, i looked at the file and it was double the size of a video i had done before with these settings and it was 10 minutes shorter, i looked at the details and the new video had double the bit rate i see no way in the render settings i use to change this does anyone know how to fix this or help me?

i use WMV files withquality VBR at 86% i have tried bit rate VBR and i can get half the file size but not the quality i was getting before,



Jul 30, 2013

well first of all i sugest you forget about WMV, it creates large sized files whyle not giving out to much quality and even worse youtube seems to have a hard time uploading such files (at least in my case, when i sued to upload wmv's the time was way to much) personally i recomment you render everything in MP4 internet HD720p or 1080p, its by far the best for youtube, it has a small file size whyle maintaining excellent quality, i use this every time for youtube, VBR 16M/8M @25/30fps.

As far as your actuall problem created when uploading builds, im afraid i'm not really sure why its changed so much if you use the same settings, my guess is that the codecs have changed in the upgrade, so now a more quality WMV requires a larger file.