Sony VGN-CS320J Won't Boot


Mar 29, 2014
Had a problem with the laptop all of the sudden not turning on. I would push the power button and the only light to come on was the charging light and it would go off when I released the power button. Sent to Sony and they said $650 for a motherboard would fix it. Right, that's what I said. So I get it back and order one online. Now the green power button lights up, hard drive light comes on (though not spinning), dvd drive opens, and the usb ports have power. However, no display, cpu fan, or hard drive activity. The light bar on the bottom even works.

Assuming I got a bad motherboard, they exchanged it for another one. Same issue. The motherboard replacement definitely changed something, but more is obviously wrong. I even reinstalled the original mb but only to end up with the original problem, so it definitely needed a mb. So I put the replacement board back in. No voltage to the fan from the motherboard. Tried switching the memory around, even using one chip. Tried booting bare bones, nothing. Again, power light stays on and dims off as I press and hold the power button to shut it off. Any ideas? Could the cpu be bad as well? Would a bad cpu keep the cooling fan from turning on?