Sep 1, 2018
I have a Sony Viao, with a messed up fan. This started about a year ago, but never caused me to many problems so I never fixed it. It would just occasionally rev up and operate really loudly for a minute or two, but then stop and I could use the laptop. For the past week it would rev up and eventually the computer would shut down.

I included a video of the sound and some temperature readings(you can pause video to read some stats) ( i think you have to go to streamable site first then input link)

Laptop is SVT151A11L

I cleaned out the dust of the fan, but problem persists. Also I tried to run the laptop with fan unplugged, but laptop would start then shut down after 30 seconds(dont know if it the laptop automatically shuts down when no fan is detected for safety reasons). I am thinking it is some sort of software problem, or maybe I need to replace the fan. Any ideas?

laptop is Model SVT151A11L
Sounds like you need to replace the fan, as it is bad and no longer properly cooling. You may want to also have other hardware checked to make sure that nothing has been damaged by the malfunctioning fan.