Sound bar + wireless headphone +PS4 (no game audio through headphones)


Dec 12, 2017
Have a Samsung Smart TV (model #: QN55Q7CAMFXZA)
Have a Samsung soundbar (model #: HW-MS6500)

It uses the one-connect box, and the soundbar is connected via optical cable, with settings using PCM.

Sounds great.

My problem is that When I use my PS4 which has the turtlebeach stealth 800 headset,

No game audio is routed into the headset any longer, although voice communication works just fine...the game audio is routed into the soundbar and I can not seem to find any information as to why this is the case. Even if I turn the soundbar off, game audio is still no longer routed into the headphones.

The headset base is connected via optic cable to the PS4, and the PS4 is connected to the one-connect box.

The only thing I can think of is that the audio signal is being forced to the sound bar.

Even if I turn the sound bar off and switch the audio to go through the tv speakers like it used to, the headphones are no longer playing game audio, but the audio is still working when I manually change the volume through the ps4.

Anyone have any ideas? I've not messed with audio settings before so I'm not an expert.

Thanks in advance