Solved! sound card output to stereo in, decent cable gauge


Oct 23, 2012
Normally I connect pc to amplifier with shielded 3.5 jack (right, left, ground) that splits to two
speakerish rca jacks, left and right, for input to onkyo. total length less than meter.
works wonderfully well. however, i moved amplifier to the other room. total cable length needed
less than 3 meters, 2.5 or so. Had thought to simply patch speaker cable, 18gauge i think, to create the extended length needed. Is this suitable cable? Will there be signal loss over 2 meter length? Solution that is best. Modest requirements, not overly audiophile crazy, do appreciate nice sound quality of course. your kind advice greatly valued. Other question, the 2 split rca cables must be devided inside to contain line signal and ground? Little inexpensive rca jacks have clamps on outer part that inserts and center prong. Do these have a ground? or only the line signal, in each one? Appears to be a single wire to each rca jack. Seems silly to purchase some super quality custom cable just for 2 meters of length. But if needed so be it. Million thanks
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