Sound in headphones cutting out constantly.


Mar 21, 2015
Lately the sound in my headphones has started cutting out. An example is, I have a stream open with the sound on in one tab, then I open another tab and watch a youtube video. No sound will be heard from the youtube video but I will still be able to hear the stream from the first tab. This also happens in games I play.

The only solution so far is unplugging and then plugging in the headphones again. I'm not sure if it's the headphones or software that's causing the problem.

Thanks in advance.


Jun 20, 2009
Sounds like more of a driver issue than a headphone issue. If it was the headphones fault you would hear the sound cutting out not it the way you described. It would basically sound like someone unplugged and plugged in your headphones really quickly. I would suggest you to reinstall your audio driver and see if anything happens.
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