Sound Receiver Options,compatibility,question


Apr 7, 2015
Current set up

Sony RX100AV (5 speakers ) connected to pc via rca to aux..

Issue is the rca doesnt make good contact with the receiver so the sound shifts to being only hearable to one speaker or the other. Changed 2 cables so its the receiver. CD doesnt work too.

My question is

Which one is a compatible receiver with these speakers and having an HDMI (So I can use true Dolby surround) ? Triple checked the sound wires, its the receiver..

Specs of the speakers can be found here, on page 48,49

From a really quick google search I found this one. Is it good and compatible with them? (Pioneer VSX-330)

Its 2 big speakers with a tweeter,mids,and a woofer, one centric one and 2 small rear ones (5.1)
Thanks for the link.
Pretty much any AVR you get will be compatible with the speakers, have more power, and sound much better than the old unit. The Pioneer will be OK but I hate how they exaggerate the power rating. The only spec it with one channel driven which will never happen and with audible distortion. They could have given a more realistic measurement but for some reason 100 watts is a magic number even is it's a fantasy in real life. Yamaha and Onkyo should be considered too.
Add a self powered subwoofer when your budget allows.


Apr 7, 2015
I think a 3rd woofer might be an exgaggeration by its self.. Unless I wanted to break any glass or something. Any yamaha units around that price range with HDMI? ( So i can use the surround feature)

Surround does not need to be supported by the speakers right?
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