Speaker suggestion for setup (ELAC or Klipsch)


Aug 27, 2016
Hello everyone. New to the forums and looking for some guidance on speaker selection. I have recently purchased the Denon AVR-S920W and looking for recommendation on speakers to pair it with.

I primarily will use this system for video games (Xbox One S and a PS4 pro). My plan is to start with a 5.1 setup and expand to Atmos in a year or so. I have been looking at two sets and i'm torn on which way to go. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Option 1. Elac Debut series with 2 F5 towers, 2 B6 for the rear, c5 center and the s10eq sub.

Option 2. Klipsch setup with 2 r28s or R-26s (please let me know if the 28s aren't worth the extra $100 or so), r-25c center, 2 r-15m and the r-10sw sub.

The room is 12 x 12 or so, windows have blinds and black out curtains, carpet... if those details help at all. TV is a Samsung UN55JS8500FXZA. I don't watch many movies but any that I do would be ran using the Xbox one S player.

If you find some fatal flaw in pairing these speakers with that receiver please let me know as well. I have also been reading that Subs don't need to match the set so i'm open to exploring other options on the sub as well.


Either brand will work fine with that AVR. Best suggestion would be to go and listen to them if possible. I will advise however that if you go with Klipsch, you should look at their reference premier (RP) line instead as it provides a better overall sound. And secondly, go with bookshelves and take the money you save (minus any stands you may have to buy) and put that towards your sub.

As far as subs go, I would skip both those choices, take a look at HSU Research, Rythmik (through Ascend Acoustics), SVS instead.

I'm a bit short on time here, will post later on but I figured I'd put at least this much down for you to think about.