Solved! speakers acting up super weirdly.


Jul 12, 2015
So i have had this problem for like a two weeks now where my speakers are not ouputing any sound when i start up my computer.

if i turn on really loud noises the sortof like ACTIVATES with the usual speaker is on click.

but then when my PC have been on over the night the speakers stopped outtputing any sound again (this is confirmed), and by that point it's like a 25% chance that they will turn on again.

i have done the usual steps like troubleshoot and update my drivers but this certainly seems too weird for that since when i open up audio playback menu the green audio bar is displaying that noise should be outputed. and if i plug in headphones through the speaker cables it is outputing sound immediatley

please help since this is driving me crazy
It's not your PC.
Your unknown to us make and model of speakers may turn themselves on when they detect audio, If this malfunctions what you are experiencing could happen,
Could also happen if the amp in the speakers is bad.