Solved! Splitting a cable line for internet and TV?


Aug 8, 2011
Hello forum,

I currently have internet service on a cable modem via Road Runner from Time Warner. I recently had new siding installed on my home, during which the siding contractor cleverly hid the cable line behind some trim. I am very happy with the fact that there isn't a cable dangling down the front of my home any more, but unfortunately it would basically be impossible to hide more cabling in the same manner without taking the trim off.

We are about to add Time Warner cable TV service, and given the effort that was put in to concealing the (single) existing cable line for the modem, I would like to avoid having Time Warner install a second line for the TV service, especially since they seem bent on getting in and out as quickly as possible with no concern for aestetics.

Hence my question. Is it possible to run the TV and internet from the same feed? We have a single HD TV, and it's already right next to the cable modem so it seems like it would be straightforward to just put a splitter on, but are there any technical limitations? Particular types of splitter I should or should not use?

And yeah, I will be asking Time Warner about this when they come do the install, but I would like to be prepared ahead of time with some info that has been collected independently of the tech's own experience/knowledge.


Jan 27, 2009
depends a bit on the condition of the cable, if you are having an installer come in, they should test the line for signal quality first, if it is poor, they'll change the ends on it to see if that corrects the problem, if not, they will have to replace the line.
As for the router & cable, they'll just put in a splitter, won't be an issue at all - they would rather run 1 line instead of 2 as well, so if you have a good 1, they don't need to do anything special.

you may even end up with an all in 1 box and no splitters are required for that.... just get yourself a wireless router for rest of house :)
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