Starting to learn a language(kinda)


Apr 14, 2010
Let's start with the background information. I am a senior in high school and I plan on majoring in Computer Science.I don't really have much experience with programming,however I know some of the basics of C(If-else,loops,functions,switch case,strings,structures).

What should I do to prepare myself in the last few months before graduation? Should I stick with C,and If so what paths should I take? What other languages should I learn? Anything else I need to know?


Dec 19, 2010
Well, you could step up to C++, which is very commonly used for creating games and operating systems. If you liked C, you'll love C++ - it's the same C but at the same time so much better due to the extra libraries it brings.

Or, you could continue to use C and try to create a project if you have a few ideas. There are graphic libraries for C like SDL (which works for C++ too), which lets you draw on screen and that way you could make a simple game. Trying to make a project will teach you a lot about code organization and how important it is to document the code well.