Straight talk on Verizon Towers


Oct 26, 2014
How do I find out if the Straight Talk Service in my area uses Verizon towers. Most of the phones I found on Ebay say they'll only work with Straight Talk that uses Verizon towers.


Mar 9, 2015
Here is a list of what towers each phone uses. You can tell by the last letter of the model number on straight talk phones. I will provide a link to the article where I got this info below.
AT&T: Alcatel onetouch Sonic LTE, Alcatel onetouch POP Star, Alcatel Soul 4, Alcatel onetouch POP MEGA LTE, LG L31 Access LTE, LG L35G Optimus Logic, LG Optimus Extreme, LG Optimus Ultimate, Samsung S730G Galaxy Discover, Samsung Galaxy S II, Samsung Galaxy S4 SAS975G, Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini, ZTE Illustra, ZTE Merit, ZTE Solar, ZTE Unico LTE, ZTE Whirl 2
Verizon: Alcatel A564C Big Easy, Alcatel onetouch Pop ICON, Huawei Ascend Plus, Huawei Ascend Y, M865C, Huawei Glory, LG Optimus Dynamic L38C, LG Optimus Dynamic 2, LG Optimus Fuel, LG Optimus Showtime, LG Optimus Zip L75C, LG Ultimate 2, Samsung Galaxy Ace Style S765C, Samsung Galaxy Centura, Samsung Galaxy Proclaim S720C, Samsung Galaxy S Showcase S950C, Samsung Galaxy S III S968C, Unimax MAXBravo, Unimax MAXPatriot, ZTE Majesty, ZTE Quartz, ZTE Savvy, ZTE Valet
Sprint: Samsung S735C Galaxy Discover, Samsung Galaxy Precedent, Samsung Galaxy S III S960L, Samsung Galaxy S4 SAS975L, LG Optimus Black, LG Optimus Q, LG Optimus Quest, LG Optimus Net, Huawei Ascend II, Motorola Defy XT
T-Mobile: Motorola Moto G, Samsung Galaxy S4 SAS970G, ZTE Midnight

Here is the artice.