Sep 23, 2015
Hi there. Been having a bit of an odd issue with facebook. For the last day or two I've been unable to load facebook. I assumed it was just down but then I found out it has still been working for other people. I've tried it on Chrome and Firefox and still had the same issue. Had a feeling it might be an issue with my account personally so I cleared my browsing history and facebook loaded up to the login screen. I logged into my girlfriends account and it worked fine. Logged out and attempted to log into my account and it then wouldn't load again. Just kept on a blank white screen.
Tried on my mobile and it doesn't appear to be working on there, either. Not quite sure what is going on to be honest. I assume I haven't been banned from facebook because, as far as I'm aware, you would get some form of communication from facebook saying that they've blocked your account.
At a bit of a dead end now.
Can anybody offer any advice?

I attempted to log in from a different internet connection and I was successful. I also asked somebody else to log in from their computer and they were able to log in, but I still wasn't able to log in. I changed my IP address in hope this would make a difference but alas, no difference.
I'm really stuck here :\


Sep 28, 2015