Strangest Android App Virus Encountered on my rooted device.


Oct 1, 2015
Alright, it was today morning, I thought of anti-virus scan of my rooted Micromax canvas 2.2 (Runs on android 4.2.2, thus the name) using CM Security AV after about 2 months time and found two Trojan virus apps on my phone. As suggested by AV, I forced stopped them & disabled them.

To my surprise both of the apps were behaving as inbuilt apps but they were not shown in Settings/Security/Device Administrators (as I read from some other website, an inbuilt app virus can behave so) nor they were disabled (or probably they re-enabled themselves, I don't know).

As my device is rooted, I tried to uninstall both of them by using System App Remover (Root) by jumobile (available on play store- but in vain. The apps somehow still restored themselves!

The apps are named as 'System Certificate' and 'Music Provider' both with the green android icon. I am too confused and have never seen anything of this sort before! Please help!!!! :(

P.S - I am still believing both these apps are Trojan because my AV says so. If they are not please tell me. But, I guess AV is not wrong because of the actions shown by those apps!
You could restore another copy (that means of another persons mobile) of your Android System to totally wipe it.Have done to my Samsung Galaxy Y-s5360 many many times.

PS: Its pretty pretty simple (for me idk for you) with easy steps you could do it easily.