Switching Between Audio Jacks

Jordan Benge

Jul 12, 2013
Hey guys,

So I've come across a first world problem that I would like to easily fix. I was wondering if there was anyway to switch between two different audio ports to display sound. In the back port i have my Surround Sound Speakers plugged in, in the front i have my Turtle beach headset plugged in, to use the surround sound speakers I have to unplug the headset, and vise versa. Lazyness at it's best i know, but bear with me. I was wondering if there was anyway to configure a shortcut to the device manager, and to create a simple exe that will disable one port, and enable another. In a T-flip flop manner. If this is the wrong forum to ask this question, please direct me to a more relevant one, this just seemed like the closest that i could find. Thank you!


Sep 14, 2012
Right click volume control in bottom right corner and click playback devices. Select the device you want and set default playback device. When wanting to use the other device repeat procedure but select the other device.