T430S or Yoga 13? Can't Decide


Dec 13, 2007
I've been a T Series Thinkpad user for years, always as a primary system docked, then portable as needed, which is more around the house, some client meetings outside the home and minimal traveling (and I work from my home office). I decided a few months back to go back to a desktop in the home office so I could have a faster/cheaper system as my primary (and it works better with my 3x24" monitor setup, though my T410 did work with it too; albeit not as clean) and then figured I'd use a cheaper laptop for mobile use...long story short I've come to terms with the mobile option being a $999 unit (roughly) after trying out some $500 options.

I'm currently using a Yoga 13...I like the tablet option, but don't require it, but I really like having the touch screen. Thing is, the touchpad and small right hand shift key are both driving me nutts. Doing a T430S instead solves those problems, but of course loses the tablet and touchscreen functions, and add's some more weight and thickness.

The X1 Carbon Touch would solve my problems, but that's getting to the $1,500+ mark that I really don't want to go to.




An alternative could be the 12.5" Lenovo ThinkPad Twist which weighs in a 3.5lbs making it pretty light for travel with starting prices ranging between $760 and $1060 depending on which base model you select. However, being smaller than the Yoga, you may also have the same issue with small keys.


Here's a review:


I like the design more than the Yoga because the screen folds down on the keyboard, thus providing some protection again something snagging on the keys when used in tablet form.

The non touch version of the X1 Carbon starts at a lower price of $1,250. It's above your desired max budget. If a touch screen is not a priority then the "standard" X1 Carbon should meet your needs.
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