"This file format cannot be read" - SD CARD


Mar 30, 2016
Hi, I am trying to open my images from my sd card on my laptop, i took the sd card out of the camera and inserted it into the laptop when the folder loads up some of the first few images that i took can be seen, when i click to open the other pictures it says the file format cannot be read - what does this mean and how can i fix this problem, when i click on the image tab i can see its details ie the date, time taken and size of the image - its really upsetting because there is no backup as i took the pictures yesterday

Please any help will do, thank you!!!!!

- the pictures were taken on a canon EOS 700D
- when I put the sd card back into the camera it does not load the pictures


Copy the files over to your PC first.
If the files are in RAW format you will need a raw codec and/or converter to view them.
Microsoft has a free codec which will allow you to view RAW files from your PC
Get it here.


If copying the files over does not resolve it, look for data recovery on the SD card
Here is a tutorial on how to do that.

If it was not solved by the above two steps, format the card before using it again and consider replacing it ASAP. I prefer Sandisk high end cards as they only cost a little bit more and have proven extra reliable for me.