tips for using a second hd for music storage


Jan 27, 2004
have installed a second harddrive for music only. any tips or tricks to make it easier to work with such as is it possible to add a shortcut to this folder on second drive on my start button popup next to my documents etc. any and all tips will be appreciated.


Aug 29, 2003
slap a shortcut on your desktop or, quicklaunch bar, and get a better music program than mediaplayer, wud recommend musicmatch jukebox,

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Jan 14, 2003
i would recomend Winamp 5.02 personally. this is what mine personally looks like

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very good media managment and such.
(its also free :D they havea paid version but thats only because of the third party burning and ripping software they intergrated, but the free version is the FULL version without those useless additions LOL)

i have a seperate partition as my media drive, it will look to Windows the exact same as yours does, i have nothign special about it except i call it "multimedia"

since all ym music is organised in playlists, there is no advantage of even knowing what drive it is in.

i dedicate a directory structure to the music though

its like this

E: (multimedia)

/artist name (or various artist)
/cd title

so for any CD i have all the files contained by artist name thenin that folder another one for the cd. (this is kind of mirrored in Winamp, athough the media organising features make my methid redundant almost)

also i use a compressing format called FLAC to rip all my CD's it will make a 700Mb cd about 400Mb, and will keep it at 100% original quality. MP3s and such really ruin the music (in my opinion) and since you have a second HDD now for music depending on its space you should eb able to fit heaps.
i have 76 CD's with exactly 1111 songs (randomly freeky number i know :S ) taking up about 27 Gb of HDD space.

umm that is my personal preference. i have it all set up to my liking and its easy to find anything i want either through Winamp, or through my HDD (in explorer).

i don't personally have a link to the HDD on my desktop or in my start menu, it will only save one click maximum, and since i have about 5 or 6 drives, C, D, E, F, G, Z, that i commonly use (many network drives or partitions) i find i use explorer to access them rather than direct links to the drives.

you may want to put an icon in your task bar to you "my computer" that might make things easy (could even make it go to your music HDD


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