toshiba laptop only runs on ac adapter


Jun 26, 2014
I first noticed problems with the laptop when the battery indicator and power indicator went from flashing a solid white light to flashing orange lights. This is while AC was plugged in. It then became apparent that the battery was not charging and so the laptop eventually ran out of power and died.

After some troubleshooting I realised it was the battery, as the laptop ran without problem with the battery removed and the AC plugged in. So I thought, great I've figured it out. Bought an el-cheapo battery off e-bay, charged it up fully and was able to use it without problem minus the AC. Then, the SAME problem started with the flashing lights. Eventually this battery too became a dead weight.

I returned the original battery and it lived for about a day before returning the same problem. Tried the el-cheapo again and it wouldn't work.

So at present the laptop only runs on AC power. Any ideas?

Note: the laptop socket for the AC adapter seems a bit loose (it won't "click" in place when cord inserted)

Model: Toshiba Satellite
Battery: pa3817u-1brs
Age 3-4 years


Jun 25, 2014
It may be the charger, you can run this
It monitors charger input, battery discharge and capacity. All that cool diagnostic stuff you need. It may help to note those all black plastic Toshibas are a pain sometimes with the chargers, as well as hinge screws... but go grab a universal charger from best buy, just to rule out the charger too. You can always return it


Jun 24, 2014
I have had a Toshiba before. And my mum has had 2. They both had the same problem. And after about 6 months our computers died. Mum got a new one. But after 6 months it died again. This is why you do not buy a Toshiba.
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