Toshiba Laptop Won't Start Windows


Jul 30, 2014
I have a Toshiba Satellite L665

When I hit the power button I get this message ( )

So I hit enter and the second pic is the screen I get stuck on. I can move the mouse around but nothing else pops up and I am just stuck on this screen. One day I was on my laptop and it just shut off, I turned it back on and this is what happens. I tried doing a factory restore but the menu doesn't pop up when I hit the keys. I've tried holding 0, tapping 0. Holding f8 which brings up the boot menu, when I hit the repair option the blue screen with the mouse pictured above shows. I don't know what to do. The laptop comes on, it just won't load to windows. I don't have a disc for windows 7 because it didn't come with one, it was already preinstalled. Any suggestions? Should i just wait on this screen and hope something loads up? If I hit start windows normally, itacts like it's loading and then it shuts off, reboots on its own and tries again and it's an endless loop of turning on, trying to load and then cutting off.

Tom Tancredi

May 9, 2013
On a 7 year old laptop... If you can't access the Safe Mode (as your indicating) then most likely the HDD is failed / bad sectors and Windows is unrecoverable, and especially from BIOS (not F8 Windows) you can't do a factory restore (which wipes out all your Data by the way) then it is most likely the HDD.

Now considering they aren't authorized to sell you Win7 anymore, you couldn't get a replacement install from Toshiba, especially as it is way out of warranty. So your looking at both a full purchase of Windows 10, a new Hard Drive, and no likelihood of 'drivers' to make that laptop work with W10 (i.e. the laptop sound buttons, turing ON wifi button, etc.).

What I would best suggest (depending on the usage of this laptop) is a replacement system and then get a SATA to USB adapter. You can grab a new 'just to surf websites, get email, and type letters' cheapo laptop as low as $200 at Walmart, then remove your old laptop drive, use the adapter to connect it to your new laptop, and try as best to copy over DATA (NOT PROGRAMS!) like your music, pics, etc. to the new laptop.

If the old laptop drive is that bad off, the data probably corrupted too, so there is high likelihood you lost everything unless you BACKUP BACKUP BACKUP to some other device / online resource (Google Drive for example). If your data IS that important, you can send the drive to a specialist, but normally your looking at at least $1000 to as much as $100,000 for a data recovery service to take apart the drive in a CLEAN ROOM then manually 'spin' the platters to try and recover the data. That isn't much of a cost to a business, or someone with proposals worth $1M, and is a write off at the end of the year, but for other people it is too much.
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