Question Toshiba p50 no sound after driver update

Apr 15, 2019
A while back I had my toshiba p50 amd graphic cards disabled in a technician the laptop was sent to . A couple days ago, I tried to update the audio driver cos of a microphone issue and now I've no sound at all. the audio driver update I got from drivereasy killed the sound.

I've tried everything I've seen: rolled back the drivers, system restore to a previous point, uninstalling the drivers and restarting the laptop, reinstall audio driver from toshiba's website, disabling enchantments, changing format....I've basically read all related thread about this.

I even reinstalled the windows twice. Nothing I've tried helped. The volume bar shows working. But no sound.

I believe the first audio update I've done through drivereasy that killed audio changed something. They had told me that they disabled amd graphics card . Update must've messed with something but can't figure out what because im tech illiterate.

Could there be a simpler solution to this rather than taking it to a technician again ?