Toshiba Satellite C855D (Win 7) Keyboard and Trackpad Stopped Working


Dec 1, 2016
I have a customer with a Toshiba Satellite C855D laptop running Windows 7.

Ever since the June 2017 Update, the keyboard and trackpad on this computer stopped working. I updated the bios, not joy. I hook up a wireless mouse and it works perfectly. I plugged in a USB keyboard it does not work either. I do not have a wireless keyboard to test.

I went into the Device Manager (Device Mangler) and it shows the yellow ! next to the keyboard and track-pad entries. I try to make it reload the drivers, but it keeps saying that these are the most current versions.

It is difficult to navigate the web to find new drivers when I have no keyboard.

NOTE: I already tried removing the entries from my device manager and ten rebooting the computer. It did not work. Also, please note that when I go into the bios, the track-pad AND the keyboard both work just fine. It is NOT a hardware issue.



Apr 13, 2013
In device manager, try to uninstall keyboard and reboot the system. It will find new hardware and try to install default drivers.
If that doesn't work, you have activate on screen keyboard: go to control panel --> Ease of access --> Ease of Access Center --> On screen keyboard.
Now you can use this keyboard as any one other.