Question toshiba satellite p55w-c5200 will not turn on


Oct 14, 2018
toshiba satellite p55w-c5200, I used it the night before, everything was fine, turned it off and now nothing.

I have power cycled it, I took off the battery and ac cord, held power button for 1 min, then did it with battery, then with ac cord in. Its getting power, the charger light works and when I press the power button it lights up for a second. No fans or anything turns on.

I've looked at a bunch of videos and even previous questions on here. It looks like most the time the hard power cycle fixes the problem, however it did not do it to mine.

I have also removed hdd, and ram to see if i could get it to start, nothing. It seems like this is a common problem but I'm needing to dig alittle more. If you have any ideas I'd love to hear, I know the help is free and I very thankful, I will be giving a small donation to Saint Jude to pay it forward.
It sounds like it's time for a repair shop. It's pretty dead. I hope you took anti-static precautions when you took the machine apart. Most youtube videos don't show that but I can assure you every manufacturer follows those precautions (ESD). It's easy to cause damage otherwise.